Al-Karam Qadri Abaya Jilbab Collection 2012 For Muslim womens

 high fashion Abayas with elegant embroidery, beads and motifs.Recently Al-Karam Qadri has launched Latest Abaya Collection 2012 for Muslim girls. Al-Karam Qadri is brand of Jordan was founded since 1927 in Nablus by Mr. Dawoud Hamdan Qadri, in a confident plan; Mr. Ibrahim Dawoud Qadri continued working on building the brand “Al-Karam Qadri” during 1980 in Amman – Jordan. Al Karam Qadri Group clothing includes comfortable, colorful long shirts, free flowing skirts, long flowing head scarves, airy light modest sportswear, and distinguished rich formal ware. . It is now known for excellence and diversity in the design of luxurious Abayas and elegant Galabeyas. Al-Karam Qadri has introduced high fashion Abayas with elegant embroidery, beads and motifs. Al-Karam Qadri Abayas line includes Casual, Formal and BridalAbayas. Latest fashion trends of bell bottom sleeves, double press shirts etc are uniquely added in Al-Karam Qadri Abayas which look very elegant. Lets have a look at latest fashion abayas 2012 for women by Al-Karam Qadri.


Mohammad Marwan Qadri
Telephone: +962 6 4652325
Mobile: +962 79 6663388
Dauod Ibrahim Qadri
Telephone: +962 6 4652325
Mobile: +962 79 5589828

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