Bikini Fashion Show- Hungary Featuring Styles by Guess Watches

fashion show for man and women by Guess Watches Hit “Summer in the CityFashion Show boasting GUESS Watches held in Hungry May 2012. GUESS 1981, the Marcianos launched a small blue jean company in California USAGUESS Watches set in motionits collection in 1983 with a line of men’s and women’s fashion Watches. Constant attending to new thoughts and cutting-edge intention keep the brand applicable to today’s trends. Nowadays, GUESS has developed to be one of the largest and most productive fashion brands in the world. GUESS goes forward to dress and accessorize the world with fashion-forward garment brand, handbags, Watches, Shoes and more. GUESS watches come in several gorgeous series such as GUESS Trend and Fashion, GUESS Jewelry, GUESS Box Set for both men and women.

This is the“Summer in the City” at the Bikini Fashion Show in Vaci1- Hungary’s lovely shopping mall in capital of Hungary. Not only was it an official kick-off of the mollify for the summer trends in Swimwear and accessories…but it included GUESS Watches top styles on the track fashion forward 2013. Now see some hot images of this Bikni fashion show 2012-2013 with GUESS Watches…