Zohra Alam New Arrivals Turkish Collection 2013 For Women

Zohra Alam Casual Wear Collection 2013 For Summer 02Recently Zohra Alam has unblocked stylish New Arrivals Turkish Collection 2013 For Women and girls. All the collections showcased by Zohra Alam are elegant and includes modern cuts with different colors as well as patterns. Her collections include stitched as well as unstitched clothes. Every year, she showcased seasonal collections for women. Her previous collection has been specially launched for Eid festival and it gained huge and positive appreciation. Zohra Alam firmly believes that it’s purely her passion which has paved the way to reach her dreams today.

This casual wear collection 2013 includes dark and bright colors. All the designs and patterns in this collection are creative and unique. Moreover, Zohra Alam casual wear collection 2013 includes long shirts with tights and pants.  Zohra Alam believes that fashion is a powerful force of self expression. Various styles of fashion come together at Zohra Alam, the feel of modern cuts combined with antique & classic prints to give that fashion experience to the style conscious clients. Fashion at Zohra Alam is an amalgamation of all the different elements of fashion put together for that FASHIONABLE YOU.

The rope style, the boat neck, the baggy sleeves all synonymous with the Zohra Alam extravaganza. Zohra Alam demonstrated her debut collection of digital print, inspired by the Mughal Era & its poetry.  Zohra Alam’s edgy collection contains a wide variety of colors & exclusive digital prints with stitched & unstitched outfits. Zohra Alam uses her design sensibilities to bring an exquisite collection of digital prints. Her use of digital printing is based on her conviction that “this is the future of clothing”. She feels that it allows her to freely explore the canvas where she can bring together her ideas and create a play of colours, moods and textures.

Zohra Alam collection revolves around a Mughal concept, which connects us with our heritage. The royalty of the era intrigues her and she tries to bring about that feel adding a contemporary twist. These casual wear dresses are the combination of eastern and western touch. New Digital Prints inspired by the Turkish and Renaissance Era. Furthermore, Zohra Alam used dark colors like purple, brown, red etc. Now see the images of Zohra Alam Latest Casual Wear Collection 2013 For ladies and women…

Zohra Alam Latest Casual Wear Collection 2013 For ladies

Zohra Alam New Arrivals Turkish Collection 2013 For Women

Moldel: Rahma Saleem Khan
Make-up: Clippers Women
Photography: Masooma Batool Photography

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