ZTM’s Misha Embroidered Khaddar collection 2014-13 For Women

Misha Embroidered Khaddar collection 2014-13 By Zubaida Textile Mills (3)ZTM’s has launched out latest Misha Embroidered Khaddar collection 2014-13 For Women and girls. Zubaida Textile Mills (ZTM) is not a new name in the industry of fashion clothing launched in 2013. ZTM taint is one of the oldest textile manufacturers that provide exclusive distinctive designs for their customers all around the years for all seasons.

Zubaida fabric is very popular among the people to give them the quality and style at low-cost prices. ubaida spinners have come up with his most recent “Misha by ZTM Khaddar collection 2013-2014″ embroidery that is colorful and trendy, perfect for the next winter season. Parts shirt were carefully covered and decorated this ornamentation and some shirts have slight embroidering.

These Aline-shirts have been corresponded with shalwars. The colors are fresh for the season, prints are quality fabrics delicate who enthusiastically trust and you provides to look at any time. These most former dresses for the winter season are usable in the textile factories Zubaida points of sale/stores. We are sure you will like these Pakistani dresses for girls and will make a purchase instant and immediate to them. Now see them image of Misha New Khaddar Dresses 2014-2015 By Zubaida Textile Mills….

Zubaida Textile introduction Misha Khaddar collection 2014  by Z T M
7 design 2 colour in each Suit
Price of Each Suite = 2,950Rs

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