Ayesha-Somaya 2017 New Arrivals in Basic Blacks (6)

Ayesha-Somaya have recently launched latest 2017 New Arrivals in Basic Blacks for women. Ayesha-Somaya is a luxury women’s wear brand owned and licensed to AS Creative. They offer latest fashion trends in the form of Haute Couture Pret Wear, Cocktail , Smart Casual Wear (Basics) and Lawn formal seasonal wear for ladies.  Ayesha-Somaya is a luxury women’s wear originator name best known for their Haute Couture, Prêt-a-Porter, blended drink and shrewd accommodating wear. Ayesha Somaya has discharged their Basic Blacks dresses gathering 2017 and is would like to be fruitful like its past Eid accumulation.Ayesha-Somaya 2017 New Arrivals in Basic Blacks (2)

Ayesha Somaya is a ladies’ extravagance wear mark that was built up in the year 2008. This mark is exceptionally notable and renowned of its pleasant garments in the classes of pret, shrewd casuals, high fashion and mixed drink. The garden accumulation of this brand is additionally extremely popular among women. The point of this brand is to combine the individual styles and foundations in the field of material together. The fashion of Ayesha Somaya Lawn New Spring Summer Collection 2017 for women will give some life taste in sure. The brand was set up in 2008 by the entrepreneurial couple of Ayesha Sohail and Somaya Adnan, who worked together to entwine their individual inventive styles and separate establishments in material to show a mix of detail, excess and fitting inside their eponymous stamp. Truth be told, Ayesha-Somaya’s work is continually creating inside an ethos which is focused on felinity and elegance, deciphered both inside the Eastern and Western snappy. The brand is at display retailed out of a pioneer studio in Karachi and is open the nation over at driving multi-stamp stores and by and large by methods for online store at www.ayesha-somaya.com.The designer wear Ayesha-Somaya Basic Blacks modern cloths tights and shirts for party girls and women are mostly in black colors have life to set in dark mode.Ayesha-Somaya 2017 New Arrivals in Basic Blacks (5)

Gallery of Ayesha-Somaya New Arrivals 2017 in Basic Blacks Dresses for girls

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