Basic free Beauty Whitening tips with zero costs

Women and men want to whiten their black skin or have lighter skin. They do not like the color of their skin! Beauty depended on the color of the skin! as they think. The specialist advice of free fairness tips for dark skin will make your more shinging in the color line of the life.

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The important thing is not to use these whitening creams, in fact, depigmenting creams, which give cancer but to treat the skin and the face with creams whitening style, or safe natural remedies, which, they, just brighten the complexion by making the skin sharper and more unity possible. So what if whitening your complexion obsesses you? Here we have free fairness tips for dark skin…

Whitening your skin with natural products

Lighten your skin: 4 tips

– Do not expose your face or body to the sun anymore!

-Or protect your skin with UV protection cream, which you will find in pharmacies.

– Prefer so-called “clarifying” creams

– Scrubs

Twice a week practice a scrub of the skin You will find exfoliating recipes and scrubs for your face.

How to have lighter skin

9 natural remedies to whiten skin

1 – Alum and lemon juice

Apply on the face for 20 minutes. a mixture of a teaspoon (5 ml) of alum, 1 teaspoonful (15 ml) of lemon juice and 2 teaspoonfuls (30 ml) of orange blossom water.

Leave on for at least 30 minutes.

Rinse with warm water and then with rose water.

2 – White clay

Apply on the face for 20 minutes a mixture of white clay and grated cucumber or a mixture of white clay and lemon.

Rinse with warm water and then with rose water.

3 – Aspirin

In a very clean cloth, crush an aspirin tablet.

Then put in a bowl adding a little water to make a paste.

Apply on the face leaving it 15 minutes.

Rinse with warm water and then with floral water.

4 – Essential oil of celery

Celery essential oil is effective for lightening the skin of the face and erase the colored spots.

Add 2 drops of this oil to your night cream.

5 – Black seed oil + olive oil

Apply on the face for 20 minutes a mixture of black seed oil + olive oil (half/half)

Then rinse thoroughly with warm water and gently dry your skin with clean disposable paper to dry.

6 – Milk and lettuce

Lettuce lightens and unifies the complexion.

Cook 5 lettuce leaves in 1/2 liter of water for 10 minutes.

Filter it.

Let cool and add 4 tablespoons of skimmed milk powder.

Pour into a glass bottle. Use this milk as a tonic lotion to apply to the face, taking care to shake before each use.

7 – Mango milk

Mix a crushed mango in a blender with 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil and 125ml of liquid cream.

Pour into a bottle, shake, apply to the skin.

8 – Olive oil, lemon juice, honey, rice flour

In a bowl mix a tablespoon of organic honey with a tablespoon of ultra-pure organic olive oil.

Add a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Mix it.

Then gradually, while mixing with a fork, pour the contents of a tablespoon of rice flour, so as to obtain a kind of cream without lumps.

Apply to the dark skin area and rub the skin a little with the preparation.

Leave for 30 minutes by wrapping the treated skin with a sheet of stretch paper.

Repeat this treatment every 3 days for 15 days.

9 – Mask to brighten his skin

Mix two spoons full of fine flour with a little raw milk, keep for fifteen minutes, remove your mask with warm water and finish by applying rose water on the face

Fast skin whitening Tips

The whitening, new elixir of beauty, allowed Asian skin to have skin more transparent and brighter!

Whitening is a skin care cream that lightens the complexion, controlling the pigmentation of the skin and acting on the production of melamine.

And good news, these products have nothing to do with depigmenting creams, which unfortunately still sell under the mantle!

They are safe for the skin and health.

Whitening, lightening or brightening

These are all whitening or lightening treatments. which have been hugely successful among Asian people who wanted to maintain a radiant complexion of milk.

These creams can also be anti-aging or anti-stain.

Skin lighter: a makeup tip

The foundation can help you get a lighter complexion but be careful to choose the light texture, just lighter than your skin.

You can then cover this foundation with a little lighter on the middle parts of your face.

Whitening your skin: attention danger

Warning! Do not use any product to whiten your skin!

The side effects of products that whiten the skin are so worrying about health that a prevention campaign has been launched by the Paris City Hall.

This campaign aims to make women of color aware of the risks they incur when they apply products to the skin.

Because despite the ban on the sale of lightening creams in France and Europe, it can easily be found in African-American shops, on the internet and even on public roads.

Lighter skin: good advice

Once a year, consult a doctor.

He alone by examining your skin, can treat it and tell you the products that suit your skin!

Hazardous products that whiten the skin

Most whitening products are based on cortisone, corticosteroids or steroids that alter the melanin that stains and protects the skin.

These treatments denature the skin and promote infections and prevent healing, which means that at the least pimple, the slightest injury, or even without anything precise occur, serious problems can be triggered when using this kind of products: pigmentation disorders, burning, increased hair growth, acne or stretch marks or skin cancer. Prolonged use of lightening treatments

may cause a decrease in hormone production by the adrenal glands and visible signs such as weight gain or swelling of the face, as well as serious diseases: kidney failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, bone problems, loss of sight

These lightening treatments at low prices, often without any mention of composition, without modality of use are poisons!

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