Best Foot Care Tips 2013 – 2014

When it involves beauty care of our body then we altogether to neglect typically is our feet. Your feet carry the burden of your entire body and if typically one in every of the foremost abused and least cared for parts of your body. Foot care is incredibly necessary thus on keep your feet healthy and delightful. The skin on your feet is incredibly delicate and foot skin care on a day after day can create your feet pretty. Given below is a foot care routine, that’s simple and isn’t time consuming that you’ll follow some times per week.

Best Foot Care Tips

* the primary step to good foot care is to remove the hard skin from your feet. you’ll pumice stone use a pumice or apply cream liberally on the world so as to get rid of the dead skin on the foot. Soak your feet in an exceedingly} very bowl of slightly hot water. this will soften the dirt and the dead foot skin, which is able to permit you to get rid of it merely. you will use a foot file similarly, rub your foot skin gently and wash the flaky residue.

* once this soak your feet for regarding 10 min in an exceedingly bowl of heat water. Add some mineral salts or palm ocean salts, at the side of some drops of lavender essential oils that will relieve the aches and cut back the swelling.
* Dry your foot skin, especially between your toes. Trim the nails of your toes by cutting straight across the tip. form the corners with an emery board.
* Massage your feet with created foot skin cream. Cup your hands on either side of your foot and at the side of your thumbs firmly press the higher a region of your foot while pushing your thumbs outward.
* Gently massage the os in an exceedingly circular motion to get rid of any stiffness within the ankle.
* take away the additional cream from your nails. Then place cotton tufts in-between your toes to remain them apart.
* 1st apply a base coat of nail varnish and so apply a second coat if needed. once you apply nail polish, begin from the center of the nail with one quick stroke and so work outward.
* wait for half an hour before sporting your shoes.