Rihanna’s who was born in the lovely Island of Barbados is known as the Caribbean Queen.   Gaining acknowledgment at such a young age she has sung out her hits such as “Umbrella” and ”Please Don’t Stop The Music”.  Rihanna always dresses it up from fun fashion to simply stunning looks on the red carpet.  You can always count on her to have different hairstyles as well as she has one day long hair and the next an incredible crop style.

If you want to have the hottest style ever with a short haircut, try to copy Rihanna. Rihanna looks beautiful with this short hairstyle and she has proven that women who have long, diamond, or square faces can look great with short hair.Rihanna loves to color her hair and she has added streaks of every color fromblonde to blue and she always looks amazingRihanna likes to wear bangs for any time of hair length no matter how short her hairstyle, and while not every style is complimentary, she always looks incredibly cute. Rihanna hair is ashort, sassy cut that is left longer on top and cut close around the ears. Rihannabangs have been various lengths and usually are swept in some way over her forehead and eyes. Rihanna hairstyle.

If any fashion conscious stylish woman wants to select a different and modern hairstyle, Rihanna hairstyles 2012 can be the everlasting hairstyle for her.