While Jacqueline Fernandez has been blessed one in all the most effective bodies in B-Town, the actress has recently obsessed to yoga and embraced it as a life-style, active yoga for an hour regarding five days per week.

Reveals a supply, “Jackie’s exercise regime starts with a light-weight prolusion and regarding 20 rounds of suryanamaskar. She also includes different asanas like vrikshasana, utkatasana, poorna halasana, kapalbhati kriya and anulom vilom in her regime”.

Says Jacqueline, “I am not using it for weight loss, but toning, muscle building and strength.”

The Jacqueline Fernandez believes in a easy yet healthy diet and swears by her dose of contemporary fruits, salads, and tea. Adds the supply, “Her day starts with heat water with lime and honey, raw fruits and poached or scrambled eggs. She prefers having a vegan lunch choked with salads, lentils and rice whereas dinner consists of grilled fish and veggies. per her, the body wants the correct quantity of carbs, fats and proteins for it’s healthy and work.

However one issue that acqueline Fernandez totally avoids is sugar, indulgence in her cravings only once in a very while.