Borjan Hand Bags & Footwear Collection 2012-13 For Men & Women

Borjan has recently launched latest fashion accessories for men and women. Borjan is a very modern shoe embraced by authentic style and casual wear which is a symbol of outdoor comfortableness with a touch of style & elegance. Its relaxed and classic designs, has always defined what it means to be modern and casual. Hand Bags for women gives the great look with representing dress during the parties and hymenealses. Women are much excited about the new styles in shoes and hand bags and want to match the bags and shoes according to theirdresses for special occasion especially for wedding. So, Borjan recently brought in its ladies hand bag and shoes collection for men and women. Borjan is a German word that means HAPPY. Borjan is a very famous footwear brand for men and women. Borjan demonstrated itself as a world-class manufacturer of private label and marked footwear with the aim to allow for particular shoes at affordable price.  Now let’s have a look at Borjan Hand Bags & Footwear Collection 2012-13 For Men & Women.

Borjan Men’s & Women’s Brands: Sky Walk,  Gig, Matilla, Digger, Kashang, Glam Collection

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