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Damas Latest Artificial Jewellery Collection 2012

Damas is well known in selling  jewellery and watches through four main store formats, which are uniquely positioned to address different consumer segment needs. Damas produce large number of Diamond, Gemstons, Gold, Men's Jewellery and  Pearl...
Different Styles of Necklace for cute Girls for brides

Pakistani Jewelry Designer Trend 2012

Accessories jewelry is very famous in pakistan women for a variety of styles. Bridal jewelry is very common in Pakistan and has a status symbol in society. So that their marriage is like wearing jewelry.Pakistan bridal jewelry is handmade so it...
AMNA SHEIKH CUTE ASS bridal makeup and bridal hairstyle 2012 (1)

Pakistani Fashion Model Amina Sheikh Bridal Makeover Shoot By Huma Ali

Pakistani Fashion Model  Amina Sheikh is the super hot Fashion Model in Pakistani Fashion Industry. Fashion model Amina Sheikh has done so many things in a quite short period of time, she has worked in many dramas and long...
new trends in summer fashion in Pakistan Jewelry

Stone Hand_made Cultural Jewelry Designs By Farah Ali

Here are Stone Hand_made Cultural Jewelry Designs By Farah Ali for women. Jurist supported over sewn social adornment by adornment specialist Farah Ali.The speciality of their designs is that nigh all the adornment items human feminist manipulate...