Thursday, March 30, 2023


fashion jewellery for women by Ayzel

Ayzel – Maison De Couture Latest Abia J’s Jewelry Collection 2012 For Women

Ayzel - Maison de couture is a Multi Designer Fashion House in Islamabad, Pakistan. Ayzel product includes latest Formal & Semi formal Clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, art and accessories. Most famous Pakistani designers contribute in...
handmade jewellery by Vancaro

New Arrival Vancaro Jewelry design collection 2012

Vancaro Jewelryis New Arrival Fashion Jewelry in upcoming fashion era. Vancaro Jewelry was founded in august 2009. Lynlin Vancaro’s was its founder and he started his dreamy work after a great effort. Vancaro's Unique designand...
new summer silver best jewellery

Pure Silver Jewellery Fashionable Collection 2012 by Afeeraz

Silver is back : Every design of Afeeraz is from pure silver.Experienced hand made silver products looking like a Diamonds but not a Diamond.To revive the thirst of silver and let your memorable moments keep glistening with ever-lasting luminous shine...