Chester Bernard a famous fashion brand was Established in 2003. One of such huge brands is CHESTER BERNARD. The brand is famous for its quality and unique designs. They recently came up with their summer 2012 collection of shirts for men. Their SUMMER 2012 COLLECTION for MEN have new and unique designs, available in many colors and shades. Chester Bernard is a shirt company that boasts of the largest collection of shirts in Pakistan under one roof. It began with a simple vision; to manufacture the most luxurious shirts, hand-crafted to perfection.
In 2005, the Chester Bernard flagship store opened on Zamzama Boulevard in Karachi, Pakistan.

They mainly target business class people and provide FORMAL WEAR FOR MEN. Their main motive is to provide MEN with good quality clothes which are perfect for a meeting or a formal dinner with your boss or higher management.  Now see latest Chester Bernard Summer T-Shirts Collection for Men….

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