Cremesheen Pearl Fall 2012 Fashion Makeup Collection by MAC

Time comes and goes, being a girl what you need to do is to preserve a good stock of best makeup wares. One top makeup brand which finds its place in every girl’s makeup kit is MAC. MAC Cosmetics has lately brought outtheir latest makeup creation,Cremesheen Pearl Fall 2012 Makeup Collection which is looking real fantastic.

MAC Cosmetics is one such brand that every one go to, whenever they are to do a professional makeup. They have recently launched their latest makeup creations which includes all the factors that have made them the go to brand for professional makeup. Let’s have a quick review about this latest makeup collection of MAC Cosmetics and see whether the designer of the product has managed to provide you with results that you were expecting.

Cremesheen Lip Glass:

If you want to have gleaming lips with a frost like finish, then what you need is a MAC’s new Cremesheen Lip Glass, wrap your lips in it and you will get the desire results. You will get a icing complete and your lips will look super seductive. MAC Cosmetics has used their latest formula which will give your lips a texture finish without giving you a tacky feeling.

Cremesheen Lip Glass is available in below colors.

Imperial Light

Double Happiness

Paper Lantern

Dynasty at Dusk


Floating Lotus

Rising Sun

Cremesheen Lipsticks

MAC’s new Cremesheen Lipsticks are designed with latest formula which includes soft pearlized pigments in lipstick which will give your lips a sparkling look. Cremesheen Lipstick by MAC will give you lips a powerful creamy finish which will give your lips a perfect shape. Its up to you if you are only interested in creamy finish then wrap your lips in Cremesheen Lipticks or if you want to have a glass like finish that can help you slip the spot light of every function, then add a coat of lip glass on your lipstick.

Cremesheen Lipsticks are available in following hues.

Sunny Seoul

Shanghai Spice

Peach Blossom

Pure Zen

Japanese Maple

Coral Bliss

Pink Pearl Pop

Saigon Summer

You should remember one thing, if you want boost your fashion diva look, then mark my words the right makeup tones and texture can really do the job for you. MAC Cremesheen Pearl Fall 2012 Makeup will hit the market in August-12, so do not miss the opportunity to update your makeup kits with MAC cosmetics latest makeup collection.

MAC has decide to go back to classic Asian inspired hues which are given a stylish twist by adding a shimmer that will help you steal the spotlight of every function. MAC Cosmetics has used nude, coral and pretty pinks shades in their latest makeup collection which will give your lips a mesmerizing look and no one could dare to resist its temptation.