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Farhana Maqsood (born December 12) is a Pakistani TV actress. Starting her creation from Bulandi, she got a come through to move forward and grab many exciting roles. Farhana has done many versatile roles from comic to serious. She gave some of her best performances in Sawan, Dharkan, Sassi, Pankh, Betti, Andhi, and Misfit. Farhana recently played a negative role in the popular drama Kajal. Her other recent plays include Kamli Pyar Mein, Bulandi, Dil Se Dil Tak, Pani Pey Nam, Agar Tum Mil Jao ga, Paanchi, Chutt.

Farhana Maqsood Profile”

Name: Farhana Maqsood
Birthday: December 12

Favorite Food: Mexican & Chinese
Favorite Singer: Sonu Nigam
Favorite Drama: All of my plays that I acted differently from usal like ‘dil se dil tak’, ‘chutt’ , ‘sassi’, ‘sawan’
Favorite Movie: Indecent Proposal
Favorite Actor: Whoever acts well
Favorite Actresses: Whoever acts well
Favorite Song: Kanara sang by me and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Favorite Book: Holy Quran & anything by Sydney Sheldon
Favorite Perfume: ‘Miachi’ & ‘Dolce & Gabanna’
Favorite Holiday Spot: Switerzland

Personal Interests: singing acting

Currently on Air: Chutt on PTV, Veena on Ary Digital love life our Lahore and tum bhi Kaho
Upcoming Play: Mere Ho Kar Raho, Shikan, Hijab

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