Dawood Textiles is rearward with launched its labes Liali expert textile Formation Season Lawn Assemblage 2013 for girls. This Collection current trend style of Trousers tunic, A-line shirts, easy shirts and organization have Frocks with Churidar Pajama are enclosed. Dawood Textile PVT LTD was started by haji Mohammad Dawood, a textile bourgeois of Faisalabad, in 1950’s by setting up atiny low look to sell textile materials.

Dawood Lawns was created in 2010 to market merchandise of Dawood Textile Printing Industries Pvt Ltd, that could be a recognized name in pakistan fashion scene. This gorgeous and exciting assemblage by Liali Creator Lawn Publication 2013 enclosed modern outfits in spirited nevertheless magnetic colors. every embellish in this group adorned with enlargement on necks, position, sleeves. Dawood Textiles is back with launched its labes Liali Designer textile Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2013 for girls.

This Collection latest fashion trend of salwar tunic, A-line shirts, long shirts and party wear Frocks with Churidar Pajama are enclosed. Dawood Textiles is functioning in girls attire with totally different roaring brands that includes: Dawood Classic Lawn, Dawood Collection Lawn, Minahil Designer Collection, LiAli Designer textile, Aalisha Chiffon Lawn, Zam Zam Chiffon Lawn, Hajiba de Chiffon, amelia Lawn by kuki concepts, Dawood Gold Classic lawn. This collection is also superb like all above brands. Now look the photos of Dawood Liali Suiting Summer Lawn Prints Collection 2013 for women…[