Short days ago Leisure Club introduced latest and high quality fabric summer men’s T-shirts 2012, that was much selled at their stores and on the girls demand now Leisure Club has luanched Fashionable Girls Tops and T-Shirts with Jeans 2012. Leisure Club is fomous fashion brand for whole family created  by Sefam Pvt Ltd. Once upon a time, in a land of 180 million people, where locally made good quality, trendy, and affordable clothing was not available, a compassionate & quality-obsessed company by the name of Sefam Pvt. Ltd. stepped forward to make a change. And so, on 18th April 1997, hard-coded with the values of quality, integrity, compassion and ingenuity, Leisure Club was launched. Almost 15 years on, Leisure club still upholds its core values, inherited from Sefam Pvt. Ltd, with unparalleled excellence. Leisure Club girls t-shirt are attractive one . No wait girls and visit Leisure Club nearby outlet and get your own trendy t-shirt.Now let’s have a quick look  at Fashionable Girls Tops and T-Shirts with Jeans 2012 by Leisure Club

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