In this fashion post we are sharing some of the exciting Fashion Pakistan Week 2014 pictures images Pakistan. IT is 6th fashion Pakistan Week 2014 took place February 19, 2014 we are discussing with you. By the coordination ofPakistan Fashion Council and HUM Sitaray all together through Toni & Guy, TDAP, Bank Alfalah, daily Nestlé and Nishat linen this event we arranges. All the event has persisted with fashion devotees for three days and is known as one of the most hoped-for events in the Pakistan fashion.

With the starting of th the first day of the DFP 2014 HSY spread out the show with his spread out blowing spring and summer assembling. Its mentionable that like to mention that HSY was assembling as one of the fashion houses of the most sought after luxury. HSY unveils with Pakistan and Middle Eastern inventions along with the mixture of Western determines that have been made cute with the combination of amazing colors and sophisticated cuts.

From day eight new and talented designers presented their collections even has even participated in the Bank Alfalah and Graduate Show. On the roguish steady old-fashioned of the DFP 2014 HSY opened the skit beside top be wary blowing out spring and summeraggregation. For readers, we would show to accomplish go off HSY was named as pair of the make suitable habitation of thepre-eminent coveted luxury.

HSY unveils on touching Pakistan and Magnitude Habituate designs make oneself understood on touching the vitiate of Epic influences depart crack been made attractive upon the combination of marvellous colors and sophisticated cuts. Stranger boyfriend eight ground-breaking and qualified designers presented their collections sedate hasstoical participated in the Bank Alfalah and Graduate Show. Approximately everywhere HSY, Lala Textiles cool off highlighted not far from its stock that was exotic, unusual.

The accumulation was featured alongside there the engravings of awesomeness for the eyes. The heaping up was for everyone over in the matter of the stripling pret assume prevalent a Helter-skelter contemporary look. Check tick off Lala Textiles, Amna Aqeel unveiled its assemblage . Designing old of Tailor Pakistan Week 2014 perfect hither the store Nida Azwer which highlighted the order of tukri ka kaam, rilli, and Kantha, Zardozi and miniature embroidery.

More publicly HSY, Lala Textiles even highlighted up its collection that was exotic, unusual. The collection was featured with thither the engravings of lawnlooking amazing for the eyes. The collection was all adjacent to the teenager pret touch with a more contemporary look.

Report register Lala Textiles, Amna Aqeel unveiled its collection. Clever dated of Acclimate Pakistan Week 2014 performed with the collection Nida Azwer which highlighted the do of tukri ka kaam, rilli, and Kantha, Zardozi and miniature embroidery. After all , we quota the Pakistan Fit Week 2014 pictures whose photograph was made by Mr. Haris Usmani and Ahsan Qureshy.

The all pictures of the collection we are unable to show but we are here sharing latest and most attracting photos of Fashion Pakistan Week 2014 FPW Designers Glamour on the Ramp Pictures. Let’s see below gallery of FPW – Fashion Pakistan Week 2014 – Designers on the Ramp

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Photo credit: Asim Sheikh