Gul Ahmed Pakistan has unzipped Latest Silk summer Lawn Collection 2013 For Girls and women. Gul Ahmed is among the highest companies manufacturing textiles within the land. GUL AHMED is a household name in Pakistan. As a brand name, it exemplifies top quality with the latest styles and has steadily and successfully built its brand value year by year.

Gul Ahmed manufactories has attained leading in the domestic and international markets through its premium quality products, brand equity and an unshakable customer loyalty with an expanding network of retail sales with an international distribution system. Over the years, Gul Ahmed has emerged as a complete solution for Home and Fashion. It provides additional disparate things equivalent fabrics for men and girls, domestic textiles, shoes and baggage and prompt to endure garments.

Vibrant & nice blends of colours ar utilized in this collection. Dresses are embellished with embroidery & motives & will be shirts can also be seen in this outstanding article of clothing collection. This collection is nice for casuals and formals can be bought in each sewn and un-stitched choices. Now let’s see the images of Gul Ahmed Latest Silk Lawn Collection 2013 For Girls

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