President of Miss Pakistan, Mr. Pakistan & Mrs.Pakistan World and the Pageant World for Pakistan Sonia Ahmed:
Sonia Ahmed is the Founder of Pakistan’s pageant industry. Started right from her university days, Sonia Ahmed started a very unheard and unseen project called Miss Pakistan World.

The contestants were girls holding dual passports and hence were able to proceed with the pageant to represent Pakistan. A tough road ahead Ahmed, was not completely aware of the consequences of holding a beauty pageant in the name of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.The Miss Pakistan World 2011 pageant took place September , 2011 and it was the 9th Miss Pakistan World. This year I had made up my mind in regards to getting international pageants accomplished for my wonderful winners.

The first dip was taken by Attia Bano, Runner up 2, Miss Pakistan Globe 2011 and currently Queen of Pakistan 2011. My second contestant, my winner Sanober Hussain, Miss Pakistan World 2011 and now Miss Pakistan Earth 2011. One of the tallest girls to have ever gone to represent Pakistan in an international pageant.

Sonia Ahmed born in Kuwait, after which her family moved to Ottawa in Canada, where she attended Notre Dame Catholic High School. Ahmed grew up in Kuwait and learnt many languages which included written & spoken Hindi, Arabic, Urdu & French besides English. Ahmed’s father Mian Iqbal Ahmed Bashir belonged to Punjabi Arain family settled in Faisalabad, Pakistan and her mother is a native from Karachi, Pakistan.

Sonia Ahmed – President of Miss Pakistan & Mrs. Pakistan.Ahmed’s first pageant for Miss Pakistan World was held in 2003, and then Ahmed established the Mrs. Pakistan World pageant in 2007 and finally Mr. Pakistan World in 2011. Ahmed continues in bringing Pakistan’s name in the world of pageants each year in international pageants around the world.

When asked about future intentions with the pageant, Ahmed stated that she would like to hold it in the USA and Europe in the coming years.Today Sonia Ahmed has effectively generated her image of “Miss World Pakistan” in USA, China, UK, and Canada. Now see some hot and sexy pictures of Sonia Ahmed