Some girls always search for tips that are usually need on fashion day for wedding eid days. Foundation is a very Tips On How To Apply Foundation  part of your makeup. It lays down the base for your constitute. There are unlike tips and ways to employ foundation. There are also certain things one needs to remember while applying foundation. And in today’s beauty article we will tell you about all there is to know. Tips On How To Apply Foundation will give you a rigth way to get new Foundation for makeup. 

How To Easily Apply Foundation:

Following are the 4 tips on How to Apply Foundation.

Find Your Perfect Color:

It is important that you find the right color of foundation for your skin. Applying the wrong color will result in either darkening of your complexion or it will turn you into a zombie. We suggest while buying a foundation rather then trying it on your hand, test the foundation on your jawline and check in the daylight. If the color is right for your  skin, it will disappear without blending.

Prepar Your Skin:

If you want to have a polish effect once you have applied foundation. It is very important that you prepare your skin before applying foundation. How many of you apply moisturizer or skin tonics before applying foundation, very few. So, if you want a smooth effect moisturize your skin earlier applying foundation.

Sweep It In The Right Direction:

If you want the day to day look, apply foundation on the required areas example on pimples. But if you are going out to party then apply in properly on your face. To get an airbrushed finish, you have to blend your makeup all over including the most sensitive area i.e. your eye area, start form the centre and work your way out. But be careful that you don’t apply extra for big events.

Apply Concealer afterward Foundation:

Once you are done applying the foundation, we suggest you apply concealers. Use concealers which are one shade lighter then your skin tone, too light will make it look fake. In case little flaws were not properly covered with your foundation, the concealer will do the trick.