Recently Indian Designer Manish Malhotra has displayed menSherwani Collection 2012 at Mijwan Fashion Week 2012. Sherwaniis a traditional groom dress of Pakistan and India. Its designs have been developed by time but the essence of the style has been developed by every designer. It is actually a royal mughal dress. Manish has launched his recent sherwani collection i.e. Manish Malhotra Men Sherwani Designs 2012. This collection was plunged at Mijwan Fashion Week 2012. Manish Malhotra Men Sherwani Designs 2012 has modern cuts and conceptions. As always Manish has delivered its customers with very trendy collection. The use of velvety fabric is the unique thing of this Manish Malhotra 2012 collection. Glimpse of this can also be seen in the Manish Malhotra Men Sherwani Designs 2012 collection. This collection has introduced new trends for Indian Fashion 2012 and as is ever the case with Manish Malhotra designs, they are bound to stay in fashion for a longer period of time. Manish has introduced a lot of variety for his customers in the sherwani range of Manish Malhotra 2012. Clients can choose the length according to their choice. There are sherwanis upto knee lengths, above the knee and coat style sherwani. Most of the sherwanis of Manish MalhotraMen Sherwani Designs 2012 collection are decorated with gold bleached buttons, velvet patterns and banarsi patti. New wedding dress can be selected from this Manish Malhotra sherwani collection. Now let’s have a look at Indian Designer Manish Malhotra Sherwani Collection 2012 at Mijwan Fashion Week 2012