The opening ceremony of Islamabad Fashion Week was attended by families, youngsters and many well known fashion personalities from across the country. But in Islamabad Fashion Week (IFW) 2012 second Edition kicked off with dynamic collections at the Pak-China Centre, Islamabad. Ssurprising the audience with a dramatic collection of haute couture by enterprising students and emerging designers — all of them geared up to make a mark on Pakistan’s booming fashion industry.The fashion week show is organised by Excellent Event & Entertainment (Triple-E) in association with the International Pakistan Fashion Council (IPFC); World Fashion Organisation (WFO) and Europa Regina with support from theTrade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP).Opening day line-up of Islamabad Fashion Week 2012-13 included fashion students of GIFT University Gujratfashion designers QamarSamra RayasatTamsila YaqoobNaeem Fazal and Tehzib Muzammal from Lakhany Silk Mills(LSM).Islamabad Fashion Week 2012 is choreographed by Pomme, makeup is done by Jugnu Wasim and the styling is by leading fashion and celebrity stylist Tariq Amin & Omer K.’s Photography.