Pakistani Actress Juggan Kazim’s Mehndi Pictures

Morning show host, presenter, model Juggan Kazim gets married this weekend. we are to bring you exclusive menhdi pictures. Juggan Kazim is going to marry with Feisal H.Naqvi. There have been countless celebrities there wanting for Juggan to wish her luck for her new life. Juggan was also wanting terribly happy and glad together with her call. Here we tend to we sharing some amazing moments of their mehndi perform and keep tuned with us for additional footage and news.

Atif aslam with his wife the couple was wanting attractive with one another wherever as Nouman Ejaz with his pretty wife was conjointly wanting a lot of nice.all poeple on the perform were enjoying and creating good needs for Juggan. The Mehndi ceremony was attended by the couple’s relations and conjointly a number of shut friends from the business as well as Atif Aslam together with his wife, Kiran Chaudhry together with her husband, Ahmed Ali Butt with hiswife, etc. Now let’s see some exclusive pictures of Juggan Kazim with Feisal H.Naqvi Mehndi Festival Pictures 2013…

Juggan Kazim’s Mehndi Photos Gallery

Courtesy: Niche Lifestyle