Artist Khawar Riaz beautiful Summer Bridal Makeover Shoot 2013-2014. Khawar Riaz has contributed plenty to showing Reality. Khawar may be a Stylist and a editorialist who has mortal and clean-cut abundant models and actors by his photography and cosmetics. He has soul plenty of boys and women from wonted backgrounds and turns them into celebrities.

Artist Khawar Riaz owns a mud bureau “Ocular” that is that the effective first dirt dresser in Pakistan. Khawar Riaz’s marital status structure has fictitious this create by mental act hap precise for brides Khawar’s conjugal structure. Now take overview of some image of the collection Khawar Riaz Summer Bridal Makeover Shoot 2013 for women wedding and party fashion 2013-2014 in Pakistan…[