fashionable islamic clothing

Muslim women clothing are demanded not only in Asian country but all over the world. According to our muslim culture these Islamic clothing is  available in black, but with changing times even the Muslim community of interests has lost some of its inflexibility and therefore, they are also available in vivacious colors now a days.

These have been assumed by women of dissimilar realms too, and you will find women wearing them even in western countries where these are known as kaftans. These are in demand and are very well-off too.

An abaya is a traditional Muslim wear for women, especially for Middle Easter khaleeji women that is similar to a jilbab as both of them cover the entire body completely. The difference consists their sleeves.

The sleeves of a jilbab are stitched to the main body of the cloak, whereas anabayais a single piece of cloak. Its cut itself admits the sleeves without stitching it. Now let’s have a look at Latest Abaya Collection Fashion For Muslim Women…