Women makeover for party and wedding 2012

Most of the women and girls find the difficulty of applying the makeup on their faces at the blink of eye on days of Eid. Certainly, they don’t have enough knowledge for application. As Eid arrives closer many girls take help from their friends and family buddies through Chand Raat Wishes that surely solves half of their problem.

1. Red & Yellow Tones in Foundation

So every single foundation has some sort of undercurrents to it and one makeup tip for Latina women is to find the foundation with the red and yellow tones. This will not only match your skin tone a bit better, but it will reduce any redness that you might have in your skin. Give it a try ladies!

2. Disguise to Hide Dark Spots

Concealer is of course something that we all use, but girls, if you keep to the red and yellow chants, it’ll take away a lot of those dark spots that you might have. For me, I use a yellow-based concealer and I just dab it a bit under my eyes to take away the dark circles.

3. Make Bright Red Lips

Another makeup tip for Latina women is all about the lips. Ladies, you’ve got some of the best lips out there and why not highlight them a bit by adding some bright red? Bright red lips with aLatinawoman’s skin tone look absolutely beautiful – give it a try girls!

4. Green Eyeshadow Highlight

Another great makeup tip for Latina women is all eyes. Green eyeshadow not only congratulates your skin tone, but it looks beautiful with any eye color! Give it a try ladies and test out different colors of greens!

5. Pink Tones for Fair Complexions

If you have a fair complexion, it is always better for you to go with some pink tones. Whether it is adding in a bit of pink blush or just opting for pink eyeshadow. Pink will look great with your complexion and will complement it beautifully!

6. Darker Red for Darker Complexions

If you have a darker complexion and are looking for a tone that works for you, darker reds such as brick will look beautiful! Start out with a blush lady and see where this makeup tip for Latina women leads you!

7. Use Bronzer

The next makeup tip for Latina women is all about the bronzer. You don’t have to use very much bronzer if you have a bit of a darker complexion but use just a little bit. If you have a fairer complexion then you can amp up the bronzer quite a bit!

8. Choose Makeup Based on Your Complexion

One makeup tip for women that you’ll have to keep in mind is your complexion. You always want to choose your makeup shade and foundation on your complexion, just to make sure that all matches. Always try to keep yourself well alert regarding all the constitute tips that emerge into the fashion market before the arrival of Eid fiesta. But on the other hand the constant connection with the friends and through Chand Raat Bangles you certainly save yourself from becoming a fashion disaster.