Mehreen Syed is one of Pakistan’s largest fashion icons and started her climb full of struggle and hardship. Mehreen Syed is native of the fashion world, runways worldwide, businesswoman-entrepreneur by day, and supermodel at heart.Gracefully cat-walking down the fashion industry of the world is not all that this international supermodel has skill for, she’s got the beauty and is the brains behind the IFAP, the International Fashion Academy of Pakistan. Successful, yet humble, the supermodel turned entrepreneur, Now,ten years down the ramp with enough awards and achievements to last her a lifetime, Mehreen’s victories have only deepened her bond with fashion and Pakistan as she stepped forward to make the next top model’s journey a tad bit easier than her own – IFAP, the home of future photographers, models, as well as, makeup artists. Recently Mehreen Syed has shooted Bridal shararas Dresses 2013 LondonUK.  This bridal wear dress in mostly used in Asian courntries especialy in Pakistan.