Mihahil Designer Summer Lawn 2013 By Dawood Textiles is recently launched with vibrant colors and trendy cuts. In the year 1978, Dawood textiles expanded its business and ventured into new purviews by enrolling international market and setting up a separate firm Dawood Exports Pvt Ltd to deal international market. The group farther boomed by adding another state of the art suing unit for home textiles by the name of DAWOOD EXPORTS PVT LTD.

Dawood Textiles is city, Pakistan based mostly fashion whole was established in 1958. Dawood lawns was created in 2010 to market product of Dawood Textile Printing Industries Pvt Ltd, Dawood Textiles features a wide selection of product lines starting from cotton cloth to Lawn prints. Dawood Textiles Lawn includes Classic Lawn, Dawood ZamZam chiffon Lawn, Alishan Lawn, Jacquard Lawn and Gold field. All the Lawn prints completely has been launched by Dawood Textiles for the summer season of 2013.

And now Dawood Textiles back with another volume Mihahil Designer 2013 for spring summer. Mihahil Designer Lawn Colllection 2013 of Dawwod Textiles includes bright and innovative prints. The Alishan fieldprints can look fabulous in long shirts with chooridar pajamas. Color schemes are extremely vivacious and beautiful of those Mihahil Designer Lawn prints of 2013 by Dawood Textiles. Now look the images of Mihahil Designer Summer Lawn 2013 By Dawood Textiles for women…

Products: Dawood Classic lawn, Dawood Collection Lawn, Minahil Designer Collection, LiAli Designer Suiting, Aalisha Chiffon lawn, Zam Zam Chiffon lawn, Hajiba De Chiffon, Amelia lawn by KUKI CONCEPTS, Dawood Gold Classic Lawn, Single and Double Bedsheets.

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