Mina Hasan is a famous fashion designer of Pakistan Fashion Industry. Recently Mina Hassan has launched Mina Hasan Bridal Night Dream Mid Summer Fashion Dresses 2012. These dresses are brought out which included chic style white bridal dresses which are looking extremely beautiful. Mina Hasan first started with a small set up designing clothes for close friends and family which met with considerable success. She then went on to start her design house in the year 2002, specifically for haute couture and later expanded to include an exclusive line of semi-formal Prêt-à-Porter. The design philosophy guiding the Mina Hasan label is to create clothes that are, put merely, glamorous and excusatory regal. Her ornate aesthetic brings luxury and highlife, cut in classic silhouettes, embellished with embroidery in a myriad of colors and styles which make each piece a unique work of art. The team at Mina Hasan believes in producing clothes of the highest quality and every process is vigorously supervised at each stage of production. Mina Hasan Ladies Fashion Dresses 2012 were showcased via bedazing photo shoot in which top fashion Ayyan Ali is looking extremely beautiful.  Mina Hasan has designed all these latest fashion dresses with quality womanly cuts which will give you an exotic fashion diva look. Mina Hassan Ladies Fashion Dresses 2012 includes a wide range of stitching designs which are fuse with western cuts in a masterful manner and to boost the fashion look of all these latest fashion dresses, Mina Hassan Ladies Fashion Dresses 2012 are also embellished with complex embroidery and aesthetic stone work. Now see Mina Hasan Bridal Night Dream Mid Summer Fashion Dresses 2012…

Contact: minahasan@gmail.com
Flagship Store: Main Zamzama, Karachi 
Branch Store: M. M. Alam Road, Lahore (adjacent to Cafe Aylanto)
Phone: +922135301929