That  are very voguish times and many matters now a day are doing just for the fashion.  There are many changes accursed now in every thing or every fashion. That time leave very behind when that hair colors only for covering the sign of aging. Now a day it is in fashion to color the hairs in different colors allowing to fashion.  You may want to know How to dye hair multiple colors at home.

Cheap does not have a color or hair color, especially on the outside, but to extend the duration does not have to cost you more.

Hair chemicals turn spongy and dry hair color, then use them to good conditioner after washing with shampoo once a week to keep it soft and healthy. If hair is dense plant it near the hair roots, leave me ten minutes and then wash.

If you are accustomed to taking shower know that you cause the most damage to the colors of the minerals hair in water if they are to avoid increased filter shower head and that hair iron and other minerals you can avoid damage.


Striking is also a type of coloring the hairs, you also can call it high lighter the hairs. Find Best multi color hair pictures here with beautiful ideas.