Nasir Jamshed Nikkah Wedding Ceremony pictures

Famous Pakistani Cricketer Nasir Jamshed is tying a knot (getting married) in Multan. Star batsman Nasir Jamshed  Nikah was already adjudicated for a long time  ago. First-class career balle baz Nasir Jamshed born on 6 December 1989 in Lahore.

His International career of cricket is well admired all over the world. Pakistani cricketer Nasir Jamshed wedding schedule is here.

Nasir Jamshed  Rasm-e-Hina date : 4 September 2014

Nasir Jamshed  Barat date : 5 September 2014

Nasir Jamshed  Walima Ceremony: 8 September 2014

Nasir Jamshed got his nikkah with Pakistani girl Dr. Samera Afzal in England city Birmingham. Pakistani Cricketer Nasir jamshed getting married to Samera Afzal a British Girls.  His most close friends and family only assisted his nikkah ceremony. Nasir Jamshed wedding, walima and Rasm e Hina pictures will be available after the 4th  September 2014 to 8th Sep 2014.

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