New Winter Hair Care Tips For Long Hairs

Some girls like winter season and that Winter season is coming soon. Seems like in another week or two we will be applying our coffee mugs and will be wearing jerseys to keep ourselves warm.

In winters just the way we take care of ourselves and prevent ourselves from the cold weather, our hair also need a lot of care. Cold temper is a dry season and that is why we put lots and lots of moisturizer and body butter on ourselves. Our hair needs the same sort of moisturizing. Winter hair care can be very tricky. A few hair care tips will guide you how to go about it and have shiny hair throughout winters.

A good hair conditioner is recommended on a daily basis, as conditioners prevent your hair from getting dry and dry hair leads to damaged hair. In winters we usually use hot water to wash our hair which can be extremely harmful to our hair. Instead of washing your hair from hot water, wash them with warm or cold water. The cold water will also give an extra shine to your hair.

It is encouraged to dry your hair before going out in the cold. The cold and wind encourages a great deal of split ends which is the worst hair damage. In winter hair care hair dryers are not recommended as the accusative in winters is to keep your hair moistened whereas hair dryers further dry them. Even if you have to use the hair dryer then put it on the ‘cool’ settings so that the dryer will throw cool air instead of hot air which can bring damaged hair.

In winters make sure to use the intersections which have ‘Replenish’ written on them because it means to moisture. The best winter hair care tip is to keep your hair moistened by a number of ways. Aloe Vera juice is very humidifying and healthy for hair in winters. Massage Aloe Vera juice on scalp and it will prevent dry hair and will also bring a shine.


By following these winter hair care tips and have beautiful and shiny hair throughout winters. The same is recommended for your skin also.