Nickie and Nina have recently updated her facebook profile with latest Baroque Boudoir Bridal Wear 2013 By Kuki’s Photography for women of Pakistan. Nickie and Nina are two sisters with an indisputable flair for fashion. The two designers together form an impressive team behind the Lahore based house of haute couture.

The Aesthetes, designer duo Nickie & Nina re-invent the bride with model Alizeh Waqar, for our December issue. From clothes, to hair, make up and jewelry the fabulous duo step away from conventional and into the deliciously decadent. This bride will definitely be remembered for a while. This bridal wear dresses are more trendy for women that are looking daily media fashion and get some exclusive for them.

This stylish images gallery is nicely snaped by Kuki’s Photography. The achievements of my grandmother impress upon me to demonstrate talent with the like zeal and spirit and inscribe a history of my own, reflecting our glorious traditions. The mystic fashion of the world is hard to capture with a camera but my aim is to preserve the colors of nature in its original fragrance and freshness, in such a manner that charismatic values and flavors of artistic talent becomes perceivable.

My legendary grandmother, Madam Noor Jehan who was one of the most prominent personalities of Pakistan and my mother Zille Huma exhilarated me to elevate the traditions of our family and retain the crumb of success not with the idea to blow our trumpet but to serve the real inducement of art. Now have a look at Nickie Nina Stylish Bridal Wear 2013 By Kuki’s Photography

Make-Up : Leena Ghani
Photography : Kuki`s photography
Model :Alizeh Waqar

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