Purple Patch has recently showcased New Chappals Footwear 2013-2014 for Girls and women. Flat and chappals are very simple to wear because it is good to wear with lawn dresses and for party wear, casual happenings and other happening of happiness. Purple Patch is one of the most well known and favorite footwear emblems in Pakistan.

This emblem was founded in July 2010 and in no time become the favorite and trusted footwear brand of Pakistani women and young women. In this article we convey the stylish footwear collection by Purple Patch. This collection is entitled as “Purple Patch women Chappals/ Footwear Collection”.

Light azure flat chappal in his collection is awesome. It is adorned with metal designing on its narrow piece. Purple color is exclusive for only purple dress. Its strip is awesome adorned with nugg brooch on its center. Navy azure color chappal (Shoe) is adorned with multi hue because it could be was clothed in with maximum number of dresses (lawn stuff). Aqua green hue flat footwear is gorgeous.

Red, yellow and green hue motive on it is supplementing much to its attractiveness. Silver hue highlighting is furthermore looking attractive. Off white hue is exclusive because its equivalent stuff is difficult to apprehend. In its center there is a very dark metal hue brooch. Small flowers are present on it. Nugg increases its attractiveness to some extent furthermore. Navy azure, light azure, light dark and shiny color is gorgeous.

Narrow pieces are conceived on it in as ascending alignment. White butterfly is also supplementing its beauty much. Now permits take a look at Purple Patch New Chappals Footwear 2013-2014 for Girls…

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