A new women party wear designer collection named Rouge by Faraz Manan Couture Dresses & Jewelry Collection 2013 has been recenly unveiled. by Rouge. Rouge was founded in 2003, is one of the hottest names inPakistanwanted for Couture Bridal Designs and Pakistani women. Rouge designer Faraz Manan, Sundas Manan memoona and are also some of the names, the eclipse was visible Outstanding Achievement in Red Ultimate Collection 2012-2013 by Faraz Manan Rouge recently. The current collection is a mix of eastern and western fashion dresses for women is very noticeable and give everyone a mod look his way. Costumes by Faraz Manan Rouge couture collection 2012-13 winter are perfect for party and awards ceremony. This collection uses bright colors and relaxation and better quality material is used. Now have  a look at Rouge by Faraz Manan Couture Latest winter dresses and jewelry Collection 2012-2013 For Women…

Styling & Photography: Ather & Shahzad
Model: Iman Ali
Jewelry: Neemar