Top Indian Star Shah Rukh Khan endured an injury on the sets of ‘Happy New Year’ here and was bucketed along to a city hospital on Thursday. According to media news Shahrukh came in about 2 pm in the physiotherapy department.

The hospital name source is Dr. Balabhai Nanavati’s Hospital. He suffered a minor injury at shooting time and experienced the called for medical aid. “Shah Rukh Khan had a minor accident on the sets while shooting.

He has a minor injury and has got the necessary medical aid. By the official statement from the actor-filmmaker’s office Shah Rukh is perfectly well and good now. A source at the facility affirmed that SRK was in the physiotherapy department of the hospital.

Actor Sonu Sood, said, “There was a problem with the hotel’s door hinge. It fell on his head while he was passing through. He had hurt an injury on his head, but is acting fine now.”