Festival may be any one but the girls fashion aspects are not ignored especially on Eid in Pakistan and India. Fashion for clothing, shoes and bangals, hairstyles are aside and may cost much, but Mehndi style is one that has no much cost but make girl charming and makes the brides a real celebrity. Eid is a special day which has come with full of felicity and some mental confusion about preparation of it is found almost in each asian muslim girl.

Eid ul Fitre 2012 is about to come and the expressions for that day is high among the ladies in and across Pakistan. Among the patronizing of Eid dresses and shoes, making of Mehndi, or Henna, is another significant thing without which the Eid celebrations will become drilling and juiceless. Practical application of an single and beautiful Mehndi design on hands add together to the grace and beauty of a young lady.

Mehndi is a traditional artwork mostly famous in Arabian and Asian countries,Pakistan and India for Eid and weddings. StylesPk is with you and we have not missed to  bring latets mehndi design for this eid 2012. Now lets have a look on lovley Eid-ul-fiter Henna Mehndi Design collection 2012, that are simple to make but are very lovely and gorgeous…

Stylish And Easy Eid Mehndi Designs 2012 for Girls and Women