VS Textiles Mills has recently unveiled their latest VS Textiles Girl’s Kurti and Frock Design 2012-13 .VS Textiles is one of the f

amous textiles mills of Pakistan that is serving its client with high quality fabric with heart touching designs. VS Textile Fabrics specifies in developing high and first class fabric products made of higher-ranking quality materials & owns state of the art production facilities in made-ups and fabrics for various consumer necessitates.  This stylish Fall winter collection contains new  trendy dresses with new shapes of embroidery and with nice color combination. All the dresses are adorned with prints and embroidery and colors used for this collection are bright such as yellow, red, orange and etc. In simple words desi, stylish, modern, amazing new collection. This brilliant VS Textiles new fall winter outfits 2012 collection has launched with a title of Designer Shafoon Collection. This lovely collection has comprisesof elementary stitching styles such as frock with trousers and simples alwar kameez.  Collection of women and girl’s kurti and frock is fit for upcoming eid and wedding festival in Punjab and other desi areas. Now let’s have a look at Girl’s Kurti and Frock Design 2012-13 by VS Textiles…


For more info Email: sales.vsfabircs@gmail.com