Working Natural Treatment for Hair Loss

The basic phenomena of men and women hair fall have the different reason the affect their hair fall in the young age. The major factors that affect the hair fall includes:Hair loss male & Treating female pattern hair loss

Major factors  of Hair Fall:



Pregnancy, genetics

Illness & Weakness

Genetically factors

 The most of use vasodilator  for the first treatment but if not the the solution is to Hair Transplant that is very hard to do. Then the every one try to get in cure with natural medicine or Gharelo Totake that may work for us to stops getting down our personality .

Stop Hair Fall by Using Egg and Oil:

By doing the massage of egg and oil into scalp for 10 to 15 minute and leave the for long night. You can wash with shampoo or good soap  it now in the morning to go your work next. The shampoo  of having some scent or flavoring of nice smell will give some relief from egg and oil for the whole day.  Do not use shampoo for long time that it may rude you hair and remove the factors that help to grow you hairs.

Benifits of using Egg and Oil:

By using these eggs and oil for tow to 3 times in a week for three months will give you and best result to start growing your hair. And the regular use of it will start growing cell membranes of your hairs on scalp that is the base for your hair fall reduction and start growing them.

Stop Hair-fall and Turn grey by continuous and long run massage medical aid of egg and oil mixture. Discontinuing use might step by step bring back hair-fall issues and resume graying.

The use of Egg and oil mixture is easy and will be stable on hairs. Furthermore its smell is not very bad and after bathing below medium hot water will make it more clear. The chances of Enterics (Gram-negative bacteria) for the scalp infection are very low by using this treatment for hair fall.

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Sarfraz Arshad