Sana & Samia By Lala Stunning Midsummer Embroidery Prints 2013-12


embroidery dresses designs pakistani designer lawn collection 2012Lala has recently uploaded latest Sana & Samia Stunning Midsummer Embroidery Prints 2013-12 fro women. Sana & Samia, La Moderno, Lala classic and La Femme are the most illustrious names of the brand of House of Lala. The House of Lala’s La Femme is the most famous name of Pakistan fashion industry. This midsummer embroidery lawn prints are watch worthy and multi event usable. Sana Samia’s latest midsummer 2012-12  for women collection has very beautiful casual wear prints and vibrant colors used in this collection  that are embellished with embroidery.

There are lot of collection which are launched previously by the House of Lala’s La Femme like Lala summer collection, Lala mid-summer collection, Lala winter collection and many other collections which are launched according to the latest fashion trend in Pakistan. Girls and women will really like this Sana & Samia Midsummer collection. Now let’s have a look at Sana & Samia By Lala Stunning Midsummer Embroidery Prints 2013-12 for ladies…




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