Latest Shoes Collection for Mens 2012 by Waheed Shoes


Fancy Leather shoes of long life quality by Waheed shoes companyWaheed Shoes offers Best Collection of Men, Women and Kids Shoes in Pakistan. Waheed Shoes are  Manufacturer, Importer and Exporter of Quality shoes in Pakistan. Around the turn of the century, the companybegan exploring other innovative methods of distributing and selling its shoes that would enhance the already established network. These included expanding wholesale distribution to metropolitan areas around the country, and the opening of a series of company-owned retail outlets. These outlets will become the Company’s Flagship stores that will display and sell the entire WSC product line.

Through strong ideas like this, they will continue to forge even closer partnerships with their loyal dealers. In addition, Theywill continue to deepen their understanding of their customers’ lifestyles and needs. their on-going research into improved comfort and fit will expand. their unparalleled selection of styles and sizes will grow. And theircommitment to quality will never falter. Because even with all their success, they have never and will never change the fundamentals upon which WSC established his company. Now have a look on some Mens, footwear for summer season…

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