Kubra Al-Qaseer is a stylish fashion designer considered a pioneer of Bahraini fashion design. Her collections embrace ancient jellabiyas moreover as high fashion. She is notable for her use of vivacious colors, textiles and styles. Kubra Al Qaseer is a leading name in fashion business especially in Arab countries, she is extremely proficient designer of trendy garments especially for Arabic women. She stared her add the year 1987.

Kubra Al Qaseer is Bahraini fashion designer who has been serving fashion business from twenty-five years. She is that the designer of the many exotic and beautiful collections, her collections embraces fashionable Jellabiyas moreover as high fashion. Her dresses are very appreciated in Dubai fashion stores and all Internation fashion online stores. Headquarter of her collection is in East Riffa, Bahrain.

This collection includes modern women wear dresses with abayas and jilbab 2013 fashion and girls long frocks that are mostly famous in Arabic countries. Every year Kubra al Qaseer releases a lot of then twenty five new beautiful styles in girls fashion vesture. Now make a look over Bahraini fashion designer Kubra Al Qaseer Latest Dresses 2013 collection for women…[