You know that there is no much difference between Pakistani and Indian culture. Both we their ethnic wear dresses on all special events. Saree, lehgna, shalwar suits, sharara  and frock are mostly used int this culture. But you may know about Patiala Shalwar Kameez. Patiala Shalwar Kameez is having some particular diachronic background.

Patiala is a found in Punjab of Hindustan. In ancient historical period, Maharaja (King) of Paliala was much famous. Maharaja dress was a plicated and baggy type salwar with long loose kameez with long sleeves. King used to wear these clothes as a king and for comfortableness. Now days this has become extremely popular among Paki and Indain students as well as women of Asia. These day girls and aunties wear patiala shalwar with short shirt, kameez in universities, colleges and on Mehndi Functions.

In India patiala shalwar is used casually and on their Besakhi and Holy Festival. You will also like the dress when see some one wearing. Let’s see the idea look for Beautiful Short – Long Shirt with Patiala Shalwar 2013 Fashion Trends  for women and girls.