Sonoor Jewels has recently brought out Bridal Necklace & Ear Rings Jewellery Sets 2013 for women wedding. Innovatively shaped in Pendent sets, Necklaces, Bangles, and others accessories trimmed with semiprecious and colored stones can be creatively combined to present the well known design codes of Sonoor in a playful and decorative new way.

This brand has constantly made the women crazy for their jewellery collections because every single time they have arrived with fresh looking designs and styles. Sonoor is employed in semiprecious & art jewelry  & traditional Indian sarees.  The collection is giving the impression of being breathtaking. Pendent sets, necklaces, bangles, headstall, earrings and many other eye catching designs.

The unique designs based on eastern creativity and western technology follows individuality. Thus as our valued customer we offer you the exclusive first option to choose certain Sonoor creation and carry home a relationship before they become available in the market. Now has a look over Latest Bridal Necklace and Ear Ring Jewellery Designs 2013 For Women by Sonoor Jewels

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