Pakistani Hot, Slim and New Model and Actress Naveen Waqar Pictures

Early Life:

Naveen Waqar is the new and cute face of Pakistani fashion industry in these day. She Born on January 9, 1985. Fashion model Naveen Waqar was the student of The City School. She has one elder brother Faraz Waqar Haider who is also a singer and brought out his first album Andher. In the album, both the sibling has contained one song together intezar.

VJ-ing & RJ-ing:

Fashion model cum VJ cum actress Naveen Waqar started her life history as a Pakistani video jockey (VJ) and radio jockey (RJ) and a singer. Her first breakdance as a VJ was the live call for show called Pick and Choose with Fuse. Naveen Waqar was given the name of VJ Fuse. The show used to come on Pakistani music channel AAG TV. Female model Naveen Waqar would keep topics related to day to day matters and individuals would call to present their views and impressions on the topic.

They could also request the song they would want to listen. Pick and Choose with Fuse used to come on air on Monday and Tuesday. As a RJ, fashion model Naveen Waqar was equally popular. Her show on Radio 1 FM 91, Morning Music Chaska, had a huge fan following and listeners would not miss her show at any cost. Naveen Waqar did not limit herself to VJ-ing and RJ-ing but also has recorded her first album as a singer. Her album will be launched very soon.

Pakistani Hot, Slim and New Model and Actress Naveen Waqar Pictures

Acting Career:

After gaining a reputation as a VJ and RJ, Pakistani model Naveen Waqar deputized television industry with telefilm Ab Set Hai. Later she was picked out to play a negative role in drama serial Humsafar. In the drama, Naveen Waqarplayed a role of a girl, Sarah, who is in love with her cousin cum best friend. But her best friend is married to another girl. The drama also starred Fawad Afzal Khan, Mahira Khan and Atiqa Odho in lead roles. Humsafar had a monolithic fan following both nationally and internationally. Plus the drama was declared as the major hit in Pakistan television industry. Top model Naveen Waqar too was appreciated a lot and her fan following increased.

Presently, NaveenWaqar is playing a lead role in Geo Drama Serial Annie Ki Asegi Baraat. In this serial, fashion model is playing a role of Annie who has come from Canada to stay with her cousins. Annie’s mother is forcing her to get married now but Annie is not interested in settling any time soon. The drama is the fourth season of Baraat with the first season Aazar Ki Aaegi Baraat, second season Dolly Ki Aaegi Baraat and third season Taake Ki Aaegi Baraat. The drama is going well and is receiving good remarks. The genre of drama is comedy. Stylespk has collected some lovely pics of New Model Naveen Waqar. Let’s see them…

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