Pakistani model, Iraj Manzoor is among models who are conceived to be pioneers of Pakistani fashion industry. Iraj is famously ceding that is inquired from her and every time proves to be the right choice by designers, stylists and photographers. Fashion Model Iraj Manzoor represents every designer’s work with elegance and style and does complete justice with her work. That makes her top model who, despite being senior in fashion industry, is still in demand.

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Pakistani top model Iraj Manzoor commenced her modeling career when she was nineteen years old only. Her first photo shoot was for the Men’s Magazine. For this photo shoot her family friend Arshad Tareenhad approached her. Asad Baig did her makeup and Rooha Ghaznavi was the photographer. Instantly after this first photo shoot of hers, Iraj Manzoor started getting dozens of good offers. For her first commercial she was paid Rs. 25000 which was a big amount at that time. Fashion model recalls:

‘I had not planned to do this full-time but I got an extend for my first commercial for Rs. 25000 and I started thinking, ‘Wow this ain’t a bad job, to look good and get paid!’’ HOt picture of fashion model

For top model Iraj Manzoor it was very difficult to contend university and modeling together. Life at Indus Valley is hectic and Iraj would go to photoshoots with lots of ink on hands. Iraj Manzoor was always passionate about arts and not modeling but somehow she fell in love with modeling. Her growing interest in showbiz made her one of the most successful supermodels of Pakistan.

Usually after establishing themselves in modeling, models change their career to acting. But fashion model Iraj Manzoor always remained a top model. Reason of which is that she believes in giving 100% to the work she does at a moment.super model pictures

She says:

“I think my problem is that I can’t be jack of all trades. I have to be perfect in everything that I do. For my art, I need to dig more mystifying within myself and I need to be left alone, whereas modelling is a very superficial field. For one, you have to be completely in touch with who you are, whereas for the other you need to get away from yourself. I believe that one day, InshAllah, I will be an artist full-time because I know that I’m not a glamorous person. I am who I am, I always speak my mind and most people might consider me boring but I have to stay true to myself because that’s the only thing that keeps me sane.”

Another thing that keeps this mannequin always demanding in this field is her strong believes. Her features are purely natural and she has never gone under the knife. She does not mind that she is growing in age. What important is to feel young at heart. In Pakistan, people also take dark and tan complexion as some kind of punishment from God. But Pakistani model Iraj Manzoor has always been proud of her skin color. She feels comfortable with her skin color, with her features, and with her confidence.

This year Iraj Manzoor is going to turn 39 years old and she is proud of her age. She sometimes has to work really hard to get projects because of her growing age. “I’m 39 and I’m proud of it. I don’t have a problem with the fact that I have wrinkles because I feel that’s a part of growing up. Unfortunately, that is not acceptable in the industry I’m working in and therefore I have to constantly fight it.” pak fashion models

Top model Iraj Manzoor has worked really hard to maintain position and status in modeling industry because of her growing age. Iraj Manzoor keeps herself healthy and fit and this is the reason of her constant beauty despite growing age. Supermodel Iraj Manzoor is close to Vaneeza Ahmad, anothertop model of Pakistan.

It is because of these supermodels that society has now finally started to accept girls as a model and give them respect rather than bad looks. Pakistani Model Iraj Manzoor does not hesitate to have extreme makeover.  At one point of time, she wanted to change her look and went to stylist Nabila. fashion models picture

She gave a very short hair-cut, which created a lot of buzz in the industry. Iraj believes that she did Nabila’s shoot just for herself and was extremely thrilled and happy about the outcome. Along with ramp walks and photoshoots, Iraj Manzoor has appeared in number of television commercials as well. Now see some beautiful and new pictures of Pakistani Top Model Iraj Manzoor…

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