Famous Indian actress Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra are Getting Married in February 2014. Top famous Bollywood celebrity Rani Mukherji & Aditya Chopra’s engagement held officially and According to reports that they are getting married in February.

A little birdie told us that preparedness’s for the weddings have already began and the couple will have both Bengali and Punjabi weddings. Recently, Rani Mukerji was spotted observing Diwali with gusto at Chopra’s home and that sparked the marriage rumours once again.

According to a leading film magazine, Aditya Chopra suggested Rani Mukerji for marriage at a private do, and gifted her big rock. The actress was also seen sporting it at various events. According to the mag, Top Indian actress  might have both Bengali and Punjabi wedding. The month of February is set for the Wedding day.