Scarlett Johansson is a fasmous American model, actress and singer. She was born on twenty two Nov 1984 in ny town, New York, US. Her hottest film is The Avengers (2012), Iron Man two (2010), we have a tendency to Bought ainstallation (2011). She is wanting too attractive. Here is printed some footage of Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett showed a passion for working at a young age and marked in several plays. She contains a sister named Vanessa Johansson, a brother named Adrian, and a twin brother named Hunter Johansson born 3 minutes once her.

Scarlett began her acting career in 1994 major as “Laura Nelson” in North (1994). In 1998, the acclaimed film The Horse talker (1998) brought Johansson essential praise and worldwide recognition. Following the film’s success, she marked in several alternative films as well as the critically acclaimed cult film Ghost World (2001) and so the hit lost in Translation (2003) with Bill Murray during which she once more surprised critics. Later on, she appeared in lady with Pearl jewelry (2003).

In 2003, she was appointed for 2 Golden Globes, one for drama (Girl with Pearl jewellery (2003)) and one for comedy (Lost in Translation (2003)). She bore out of Mission: not possible III (2006) thanks to programming conflicts. Her next film role was within the Island (2005) aboard Ewan McGregor that earned weak reviews from U.S. critics.
After this, she appeared in Woody Allen’s point (2005) and was appointed once more for a Golden Globe. See now the Scarlett Johansson hot pictures gallery….