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Sergio Rossi
is a famous Italian manufacturer of Fashion shoes and handbags. This famous fashion brand was created in 1968. These latest Sergio Rossi pre-fall shoe collections boast some achingly hot and to-die-for shoes. Of course, these beauties are perfectly gorgeous since there is a minimum of one hundred twenty steps that each shoe undergoes before it is placed in a box with the Sergio Rossi name.

Leopard velvet, passion suede, ivory metallic, brown crocodile, lava contrast, black and white suede leather, and Swarovski crystal macro lace booties. Francesco Russo was named Creative Director of the Sergio Rossi brand in October 2008. Russo is in charge of all the collections, women and men footwear, bags, and accessories, and deals to deliver an array of lust-worthy goods collapsing them his own contemporary interpretation, whilst respecting the Sergio Rossi brand individuality.

Speaking about the brand’s designs, Russo told that, “Sergio Rossi products, in general, are always about the idea of a shoe as a fetish object. This brand has always been the reflection of passing seductive and worthy shoes capable to cause a grievous state of mind. These shoes make world shoes demand prefect and women will really like it. Now let’s have a look at Sergio Rossi’s Latest Shoes Pre Fall Collection For Women…

Sergio Rossi Awesome Shoes Pre Fall Collection For Ladies

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